Here are a few questions for you.

Is the online presence of your business effective enough to your satisfaction?
Do your customers easily find you on the Internet when they search for the products or services you provide?
Are you sure that your company is making the optimum use of the web and its marketing potential?
Do you have an edge over your competitors when it comes to your online marketing?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to all of them you needn’t read further. But if by any chance it is ‘no’ to even one of them reading further is absolutely necessary.

Search engine optimization, as you’d know by now, has become one of the main channels for online Internet marketing to increase the traffic to your website and thus increase sales. The algorithms of search engines are still a mystery to the world but if there is any way to overcome them and make sure that your website is ranked high in search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing, it is that of hard work, updated knowledge and technical expertise. At Milkyway Technologies, that is what we are offering you.

Intelligent SEO is not just about bringing visitors to the website. Most SEO companies, unfortunately, seem to think so and work for that. At Milkyway Technologies, we try to aim what our customers aim for: high conversion rates and increased sales. Our SEO experts realize that each website is unique in its own way and thus find unique ways to promote it online through ethical and effective tactics.

For an e-commerce website, every day is a new day to be worked on and updated. With so many websites springing up each day keeping your website updated has to be given priority if you wish to stay successful in your business. The SEO service from Milkyway Technologies is all about making your website user-friendly, informative and of high quality.
SEO services at Milkyway Technologies

Keyword Research & Analysis
A word or phrase that a user types into a search engine has the power to make or break a business. If your business is clothing and nursery items for infants and toddlers there would be no point in optimising your website for keywords like “baby names” or “baby health. Instead you concentrate on keywords like “baby sweaters” or “baby furniture”. Only a thorough analysis can help you recognize which keywords would work for a website and which won’t. At Milkyway Technologies we study your website and your business and recognize those keywords and phrases that would bring your site to the front pages of search engines if optimised wisely.
Diagnostic Report Creation

After a thorough analysis of your website and the factors that are yet to be implemented in the site to improve its position in the search engines, we create a diagnostic report that details why the website is not currently ranked highly by search engines. This report consists of the actions to be performed to rectify the issues that are preventing the website from being ranked highly. Here we let you know all the structural and content-based changes that you are to bring to your site as well as the off page tactics to increase the relevance of your site in the eyes of the search engines. These are some of the main information that is included in our diagnostic report:

Website Analysis
Site Quality Check
Competitive Analysis

On Page Optimization
On page optimisation, as the name suggests, is what you do on the pages of a website to make it more search engine friendly as well as user friendly. The factors on the pages of the website are what make sense to the readers who are ultimately your customers and for whom you have built your website. Here at Milkyway Technologies your website is taken total care of and our on page optimisation includes almost all the well-known techniques like:

Content Optimization
W3C Validation
Image Optimization
Sitemap Creation
Search engine Integration

Link Building Campaigns
Link building…not very fun to do. However, not at all avoidable as well. It can be time consuming as well as maddening. Still, it is one of the important techniques of SEO that can impress the search engines and make your ranking go places. At Milkyway Technologies, we take this work quite seriously, however much time it takes. We make sure that your website gets enough quality back links through techniques like:

Directory Submissions
Reciprocal Linking
Article Submission
Press Release Submission
Ads & Classifieds Submission
Slide Sharing

Social Media Optimization
Though not as powerful as SEO in increasing traffic to a website, social media optimisation is in fact driving more and more visitors daily. It is, no doubt, a growing optimisation technique that can determine the growth of a new business as well as maintain the success of an established one. Milkyway Technologies SEO team stays well-informed of all the techniques in social media optimisation like:

Social Networking Sites: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube
Social Web Applications: Digg, Delicious, Spurl
RSS feeds
Social Bookmarking
Micro-blogging services –Twitter

Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay per click, popularly known as PPC, advertising is gaining more and more importance as a major share of capital for marketing of a business now goes to online marketing rather than traditional one. Its main attraction lies in the fact that you could reach your targeted audience faster and make them act sooner. Our PPC advertising lets you measure your success as well as bring home more results.

Google Analytics Services
Don’t you wish to know how much traffic your website attracts daily or weekly? Or, how much effective your marketing tactics are? At Milkyway Technologies we provide you Google analytics services that help you know your customers, their online behavior and their needs. It tells you the different ways in which you can enhance your marketing techniques and thus increase visitors and, ultimately, sales.