Java and J2EE Capabilities

The Java / J2EE Technology Practice at Powersoft Global evaluates, develops and delivers enterprise and web applications that are based on the emerging, promising technologies.

Java has emerged as a leading development platform based on its modular, component-oriented architecture. We ensures the highest application quality and shortened development cycles by employing best-in-class J2EE application framework.

We provide Key Java Services available from Java application servers and the J2EE framework, including Java Server Pages, Java’s Messaging Services and JDBC.

We provides services for not only Java application development or J2EE application development but based on resource allocation model we also provide Java programmers or Java consulting services.

The most common reason for adopting Java is that it simplifies development and deployment, also reducing time and costs. It offers companies portability and scalability to meet changing business needs.

Solutions Development :
Development of solutions using Java / J2EE framework, using any of the Java / J2EE languages. The applications can be any web based application, client server application  Р·Java (J2EE), JSP, EJB, Servlets, Struts & Hibernate.

Web services development and system integration :
This offering allows the development of web services using the J2EE framework. Solutions for interoperability of web services, transaction handling and security in web services are addressed. System integration using web services and wrapping existing applications with web services is also part of this offering – Apache Tomcat and jBoss.

Key Services :
Application design and development on J2EE compliant framework
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0
JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.1 /Servlets
Java Persistant APIs (JPA)
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA)
Java Message Service (JMS)
Web services
J2EE Design Patterns